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“Seeking clarity through the noise…

...this is the best way I can explain my experience working with Libby from Steam Capital. For once I actually enjoyed exploring my value and translating it into a commodity others would want."

“The Masters In Me Program is a must-do…

...understanding your unique value and skill sets, turning that understanding into a written narrative and then actively promoting it are key outcomes. Do this course and learn from the best."

Reshape your thinking – reset your career

"The Maters in Me program takes you through an in-depth process of finding your 'why', visualising your value proposition and the transferrable skills you have to offer a future employer."

My Mission

My mission is to prepare and develop people for their career so that they are motivated, purpose-led, values-driven and ready for career change - empowered and unafraid to take on the challenges of the future.

What I do

I established Steam Capital to support people to create certainty out of uncertainty. While it’s difficult to accurately predict the jobs of the future we help you identify your unique value proposition, translating your education, your experiences, your skills, your capabilities and importantly your potential into a narrative that sets you up for the success you are looking for. Our Disrupt to Thrive methodology throws a spotlight on what’s important and will help you get ready for the disruption and advancement that is coming.

Clients I work with

Dr. Sarah KellyFormer MBA Director, UQ Business School

Libby’s contribution to our MBA program’s success (ranked 1 in Australasia) was significant, as these rankings are partly contingent upon career outcomes for the graduates... I have no hesitation in recommending her new service, having seen the results that she delivers, particularly in relation to career transition and development.

JWExecutive/Non-Executive Director

Libby is extraordinary at helping candidates achieve their full potential in their chosen industry and preferred organisation. The launch of STEAM Capital is a natural extension for Libby’s talent and the perfect opportunity for Libby to advise, guide and connect on a global scale.


What appealed to me about Libby’s approach was her careful consideration about the essence of my career goals, her insistence on me really thinking through what my goals would mean on a day to day basis, a shared reflection on whether that is really what I wanted and then her determination to help me develop the steps that are going to help me have a truly successful and rewarding career.

ABChief Technology Officer

My career transition into growing businesses would not have been possible without the support of professional mentors and coaches. Libby is a truly inspiring coach who has helped me develop my brand and provide a different lens on applying my skills to a global market. I highly recommend Libby and I appreciate the support she has offered in shaping my career path.

JNDirector/Management Consultant/Psychotherapist

Libby is an exceptional career consultant and effectively helped me transition careers from science to management. Her unique of approach of career creation, that recognises and builds on purpose and strengths, gave me confidence to put myself forward for roles and contracts that I thought were out of my reach.

VSVoC, Quality Manager (Voice of the Customer)

I had the privilege of 1:1 sessions where Libby was able to help me realise my worth/value as well as identify what was required to enhance and build a strong personal brand. I came out of my sessions refreshed, energised and with a clear vision as well as added confidence to tackle my next steps. I just wish I had known Libby 10 years earlier.

RTClinical Project Officer

With Libby's help, I have begun to clearly articulate my professional value and form an overall strategy for my career trajectory based on this. Best of all, I was able to contact Libby outside of the structured sessions when needing some advice, and she wasn’t afraid to be frank with me when it called for it. I have thoroughly enjoyed our work together which has been an apt extension to my MBA program.

RZMonash Business School

The career canvas she created and introduced was like a breath of fresh air after the endless train of various career development plans and strategies. More importantly, Libby’s comforting guidance and inspiration allow to discover the true depth of this instrument. Highly recommend Libby for anyone who is determined to mindfully approach personal career development and especially for MBAs.

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