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At Steam Capital we work with businesses across the Asia Pacific creating productive, engaged and satisfied workforces who are ready for and unafraid to take on the challenges of the future.

Our talent pipeline tech solution is revolutionising recruitment and the way employers attract, identify and engage talent; and our outplacement services are designed to empower people to consolidate their expertise, skills and experiences creating a new narrative that talks to their future with purpose and confidence.

Our proprietary knowledge and frameworks are designed to not only optimise your people as your most valued resource, but also to provide a solution mitigating the risk of having the wrong people, in the wrong jobs, at the wrong time, impacting productivity and organisational culture.

Talent Acquisition


talntd.ai is an innovative online recruitment platform connecting your business directly with a shortlist of professionally validated and vetted high performing talent.  It is the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective way to attract and acquire high quality talent.

Far more than an online portal, talntd.ai matches talent specifically to your business and offers an exclusive “future-talent” dataset that showcases uniquely qualified talent for your business.

By utilising this technology, your business – no matter your size, industry or location – can connect with the individuals who have the right skills, motivations and values to fit your businesses’ unique needs. 

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Outplacement Services

Redundancy is one of life’s toughest experiences – not just for the people going through this process, but also for the business leaders and managers faced with the daunting task of letting people go.

As a response to requests by business during COVID-19, Steam Capital is providing assistance to businesses and their employees who are experiencing career disruption.  We have adapted the Masters in Me Career Leadership Program to accommodate the unique and individual needs of people experiencing unforeseen career change.

Our outplacement services do not just extend to the employees exiting your organisation.  We will work with you to create the best outplacement strategy, supporting and coaching your leaders and managers throughout this very challenging process.

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