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Since 2006, the Australia New Zealand MBA Directors Forum has provided an annual independent, non-affiliated gathering for MBA Directors, Academic Program Directors/Managers, and key professional staff representing Business Schools throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Now relaunched as the APAC Business Leadership Summit, the event continues with its mission to bring together leaders from the business education community across our region,  with leaders from business and industry.

The APAC Business Leadership Summit

The vision – to create a unique environment where leaders and experts from academia and business connect and engage to better understand the relevance of graduate management education and importantly, highlight business needs for the future – minimising gaps that exist between learning and the needs of business.

Higher education and business all over the world are undergoing immense transformation, with the global pandemic impacting not only how we live and work but what and how we learn.   This year is the year to gather and to connect on “the how” of the future of graduate management education, uncovering the skills and the characteristics required by people to navigate complexity, long-term disruption, and uncertainty.  Concurrently, discovering the skills and attributes required by employers to drive organisations forward, enabling growth and market expansion.

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